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Hit And Run

What to Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Hit and Run Accident in Atlanta GA


Being involved in a hit and run accident can turn your world upside down in the blink of an eye – you need to know exactly what to do. Not only are you concerned about your possible long-term injuries. There is the damage to your vehicle that needs to be addressed. This can be a very confusing matter that is best left to personal injury attorney. These are a few of the benefits of working with a skilled personal injury attorney in Atlanta GA;


Gathering Important Accident Evidence

Contacting a local Atlanta GA personal injury attorney as soon as you can use a phone is your best chance of getting the responsible party to be held accountable. Your attorney will have an accident investigative team at the scene of the accident to collect evidence that could be used in court to help win your case. Now is the time to collect this evidence before it is lost and there is nothing to use prove what happened. Your attorney will provide details you can remember to the police to help further their investigation.


Being able to recall a partial license plate, make and color of vehicle, driver description, can assist the officers in their investigation and bring the guilty party to justice.


Getting the Best Medical Treatments

While the investigation is taking place and the police are using all the tools they have at their disposal to find the responsible driver, your attorney will have you consulting with the best medical professionals in their respected fields. These physicians will treat your injuries, make sure you receive adequate physical therapy, and will provide the court their expert testimony if needed.


When it comes time for the insurance company to pay, the more evidence and expert testimony, the better chance of being fully compensated today and well into your later years.

Call Your Attorney After a Hit and Run
Call Your Attorney After a Hit and Run

Helping to File an Insurance Claim

If the police eventually find and arrest the driver who caused the hit and run, your attorney will prepare to sue their insurance company for damages. If the driver is not found, your personal injury lawyer will take the matter with your insurance company. Just because it was an accident where the guilty party has not been found, your lawyer still can hold your insurance company accountable to make things right.


These are very complex cases, and your lawyer has the years experience to be able to present all the evidence in a manner that results in the lawyers for the insurance company settling rather than dealing with a costly trial.


Fighting on Your Behalf in Court

Your attorney will bring evidence of the accident scene, pictures of the damage, testimony from your doctors, and details of the police report. This is to get the insurance company to pay the settlement offer. Your attorney has to take into account your suffering, inability to work, the extent of your injuries, and how this incident will negatively impact you.


The biggest mistake that many victims of hit and run cases make is to accept a settlement from the insurance company without having an attorney present. Not understanding that they could have won a much larger settlement that could have sustained them well into their later years. Always have a lawyer handle the complexities of these type of cases.


Now that you see that there are actions you can take, allow your personal injury attorney to take care of all the legalities so that you can get back some normalcy in your life as quickly as possible.

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